Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Super Amazing Essays For Students and Teachers

Wanna share some infos which i think is good for the studends and also guys do surf this web page...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Why are there still people who behave badly...

i thought things have changed after so many years....i nver thought this person will never change his behaviour...and bad attitude..which i totally disagree through my whole life.! I was told that he has done something that i had never expected, what a shame! I dont have anyone to share with, so just wanna let it burst here....really...i hve been keeping this for almost a week...and i cant keep it anymore!!
I wont reveal out the person here...but he is so close very close to me since i was born i can say!!! Pls la stop what you have been doing i cant stand with the peoples talk....anywhere, everywhere i go ppl will not stop talking bout you...pity the people who live around you.....Oh God, do change this person coz this person is giving me so much pressure in my life...and sometimes ppl dont have the passion to be polite anymore when things become worst.........

Saturday, November 28, 2009

My lesson of the day

I went for a class on making tarts...4 types of tarts. Well if u wanna learn something u have to loose something rite? so here i go..burnt my Rm80 for this class, WELL DONE!

A very interesting yet enjoyable class.. get to know more biz women and men..even.. i got a year dealt with one of a bakery owner...rezeki orang kata jgn ditolak!!

U guys out there should go for classes like these if u like baking and also making money...believe me cooking..baking...really makes money man!!

So here, i included some of the pictures i have taken during the smile.......while entering this entry, i already got 680 pieces of bluberry cheese tart ordered by one Datin staying in Straits View..well well...happy looking at people smiling of having what they favoured.

His First Hair Cut

It was very funny when he just stared at the barber..right into his eyes...i thought hes going to cry out... i was wrong instead he smiled at the barber...salute la fitri!!

He kept smiling all the way i doubt he cant wait to have his first hair cut..ya lar if all this while he always look at his bro and dad having hair cut, but this time he himself is having haircut...mesti bangga..tengok muke pun eksyen habis!

I bet i will see the same reaction on his face when he gets into year 1...muke eksyen je gitu

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2009..its going to end

perh lame gile tak update blog..dah bersawang blog ni. am quite bz lately with the work all around me, and also bz facebooking eheh...which sometimes makes me forget that I have a blog to attend to.
Well not so much to tell here, am going to update more after this as its going to be school holiday soon so bet i have much time to be spent infront of my lappy.

So guys wait for my entry soon...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ramadhan is going to end

Its going to end and Syawal is coming. So fast!
PM halo...isnt there any bonus for us?Pls la ...atleast 1/10 of what u have should be given to the people out here!
Gosh, they will find me and put me in the no shouldnt say anything bad bout the gvment..haha
Well, we deserve to get the bonus, we are used to it, so once they stop the bonus then we will surely feel the different of this coming raya!

As for me, every raya is the same coz I never have any baju raya...haha..bluff..bluff..
ya lar, I always buy 6 months earlier what..heeh
bought kain for my sons and hubby
a lot of baju kurung for Hanis
cookies??buat sendiri...jimat...budget..
shoes??only for hanis..
my sons??they got already NIKE shoes from their some more..haha